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On-Duty Police Officer Deaths: Distorted Facts

When discussing #BlackLivesMatter (#BLM), conservative and racist media present audiences with incorrectly framed information on police officer deaths. The truth? MOST officers who die while on duty are NOT killed by suspects. Let’s look at the facts.

This website, which catalogs police deaths, is often the main source of data.

Notice the title: Honoring Officers KILLED in 2015 and the total: 83. Readers are already primed to think “murders” or “homicides” when they see the word “Killed.” But look closely and you will see most of the officers are not shot or murdered, by either white or black people, as the media will have you believe. The actual number of officers who are? 26 (Twenty six). MOST officers who die on duty die as the result of car accidents and heart attacks, and most K9 officers die as the result of police officers leaving their K9s in cars (heat exhaustion), or other places where the dogs succumb to high temperatures.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been here for over a year year, and somehow, black people are now “targeting” police officers for death, Bill O’Reilly? #BLM is a hate group, Elizabeth Hesslebeck? Texas Sheriff, Darren Goforth, claims #BLM ties to a black man who killed a police officer, but fails to tell you this man exhibited violence towards police in the past, long before #BlackLivesMatter even started, is severely mentally ill, and has a lengthy criminal record. Racists, Fox News, conservative media, and their ilk can never seem to grasp cold, hard facts, and they never fail to omit relevant information. False narratives are their game. You won’t get away with that here. Not today, Satan. NOT Today!


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White Supremacist Group Holding Conference in Nashville

UPDATED: Boomerang Hotels sold this to Red Lion Hotels. Red Lion was contacted and Guesthouse Inn revoked their reservations.

This white supremacist organization is coming to Nashville. Calling #BlackLivesMatter protesters to come to picket and protest the hotel, this organization, and any and all Boomerang Hotel Chains across the country. I PERSONALLY called the local hotel and verified with a woman named “Shannon” that they ARE hosting this conference. For more information on this group, see herehere, and here. I will also personally drive to and attend any protests, if we can get this off the ground.

Tweet, Facebook, Email, Call, and otherwise contact the hotel and their corporate offices about why they chose to host this group:

Guest House Inn – The Boomerang Hotel Hosting the Conference

  • FacebookGuest House Inn Website
  • Reservations Phone: 1-800-214-8378
  • Hotel Phone: 615-885-4030 <<< Direct number they will answer.
  • Trip Advisor – If you stayed there, let them know what you think!
  • YELP – Leave a review, if you stayed there.

Tweet, Call, Email, and Facebook Local Nashville News Stations and Newspapers to Make Them Aware of this Conference, Voice Your Concerns, and Bring Media Attention to the Hotel that would Host White Supremacists.

The Tennessee Tribune (black newspaper)

Nashville Pride (black owned)


News Channel 5



The Tennessean

Nashville Scene

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Contact Form | Call: (615) 244-7989

Come to Nashville to Protest on August 21 and 22 at 2423 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37218  

An email sent to Boomerang Hotels’ corporate office:

We only just got this info, so please help us get the word out.

School Founder’s RACIST Graduation Comments



See the video: HERE. Nancy Goreuk, I think you will be looking for a new job soon.

5510 Lilburn Stone Mountain Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Online Contact Form Link

US Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights Contact Info LINK

UPDATE: Check out her (unverified) NOpology, and concluding with telling those victimized by the racism what they really out to be doing instead. This is not an apology. It does not take ownership of what happened. Graduation ruined!

IMG_20150509_182024_resized - Copy


This was not sent to me, so I cannot swear that the person named in this screenshot is actually her. It was found in this tweet.

Racist Facebook Post about Baltimore Protesters


Hyland “Buddy” Fowler thinks police dogs should be sicced on the Baltimore protesters. Feel free to let him know how you feel about his comments. (Full Article)

General Assembly Building
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, Virginia 23218
Office: 804-698-1055
Email Address:
Room Number: 810

10321 Washington Highway
Glen Allen, VA 23059
Office: 804-305-8867

UPDATED – Baltimore FOP Fundraising


URGENT ACTION ALERT!!!!! We got them kicked off of GoFundMe and YouCaring. They have moved their fundraiser to PayPal, as shown on their Facebook page, in addition to direct donations. 

Please copy and paste this email already prepared for you, and let’s get this account removed! Email – . You can also call PayPal at 1-888-221-1161. More PayPal contact info HERE.

PayPal Administrators:

The Baltimore FOP has been booted off all the major crowdfunding platforms for violating the TOS and/or Acceptable Use Policies of Indiegogo, Go Fund Me, and YouCaring. Specifically, no fundraising is permitted to benefit anyone charged with a serious crime or for legal defense costs of criminal actions. As you can see in this CBS news story, The FOP clearly indicates the purpose of fundraising is to benefit the six officers charged with felonies in the killing of Freddie Gray.

The link to the FOP account hosted by Paypal can be found HERE. Please remove it immediately and ban them from further fundraising on your site. 

In addition, they admit the purpose of the fundraiser on their Twitter page, seen here I urge you to not dispense any funds collected to date, to refund the donors, to shut down this account, and prohibit any entity representing the Baltimore Police, the FOP, or its employees, family members, and friends from creating similar accounts.